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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Predictable Ending, Unknown Struggle)

Almost 2 years this blog was abandon, left alone and suddenly I feel the urge to make this review. And here I am, as one of Star Wars fan, watching this movie and rekindle my childhood obsession.
I already knew this movie is a story about how Episode IV: A New Hope was born. We fans know the outcome of this movie but what we want to know are the struggle, the pain these characters endure, how previous characters from Episode III: Revenge of The Sith intertwine together as the story progressed. I let my curiosity lead me throughout the movie and how awesome that turned out to be. I went home smiling despite the sad ending for Team Rogue One (ooopps... spoiler~)

Dekat 2 tahun blog ni terpinggir, kesepian, lalu sekonyong-konyong aku rasa terpanggil untuk membuat ulasan pasal filem ni. Dan hadirlah aku di sini, sebagai salah seorang dari peminat tegar Star Wars,pergi menonton filem ini demi menyalakan semula obsesi zaman kanak-kanakku.

Aku dah tahu filem ini pasal bagaimana Episode IV: A New…

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